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At Tethys we appreciate that our success isn’t just down to the skills and experience of our team. The innovative techniques and technology that we can deploy on your behalf also play a major part. We are committed to sourcing and implementing leading edge solutions that will work to keep your business ahead of the field.

Please find below a brief overview of some of the leading edge solutions that Tethys currently offers:


Zing is a specially designed technology system designed to streamline and support group decision making processes. In simple terms this system allows you to take control of all those meetings that influence the success of your business.

Client feedbackAs any business leader/manager knows, a successful meeting can be the springboard to business profits. But, all too often, due to a lack of organisation or friction caused by mixed personalities, meetings fail to achieve this purpose resulting in lost opportunity and lost revenue.

No matter what kind of meetings your business holds, Zing can make them work better. The system harnesses the collective knowledge of any group, removes the ego and – before you know it – sees them working together effectively, enthusiastically and efficiently.

By putting a keyboard in the hands of every member of a meeting group, everyone will participate, dominant personalities will be neutralised and all attendees will be guided towards achieving the goal of the meeting by developing team ownership. Here the facilitator of the meeting will concentrate on the process, leaving attendees to concentrate on content. The facilitator can speedily categorise and sort ideas – then the team can vote on ideas to identify the most suitable and can weight criteria for evaluation.

Zing can be used for all kinds of meetings – typical uses include:

We know that Zing works because we’ve seen the results.  Just think about the management time you could save here, for example. We conservatively estimate that Zing will reduce your meetings by a third. When you realise that the average manager spends 45% of their working time in meetings you’ll see that Zing will have an immediate positive effect on your business by giving back your managers 15% of their time. And, Zing can reduce the average length of time spent in every meeting by up to 50%. So, with Zing you won’t just increase the efficiency of your meetings – you’ll also increase the overall efficiency of your staff.

To learn more about how Zing works, please take a look at the Zing Brochure or at our selected Case Studies.  Alternatively, to see what Zing can do for your business right now, please contact us to arrange a risk free trial.

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Bizkit is a business process design methodology that has a proven track record of facilitating the creation of successful and effective process mapping.

This methodology effects holistic change by bringing together the three dimensions of People, Process and Technology to produce balanced and achievable designs.

The methodology empowers your business to achieve your aims by leveraging the expertise of your people. It helps them create and take ownership of your business process design projects via a simple structure. This structure is easy to use and is designed to produce documentation that can be just as easily understood and actioned by other staff. This – quite simply - significantly improves your chances of creating process design projects that work.

Bizkit methodologyTo achieve this, Bizkit uses the IDEF0 documentation standard to ensure the clear dissemination of the process. Flow charts, whilst useful, have limitations so the system also uses ICOM (Input, Control, Output, Mechanism) charts.  This is particularly useful for software evaluation projects as it assists with system specifications. The Bizkit system keeps all documentation on a single page – this makes it easier for staff to organise and utilise relevant information.

Tethys offers full training in the Bizkit methodology to ensure that the potential positive effects are fully available to all relevant personnel. In most cases this will involve a 2-day training course for key personnel, reinforced by one/a series of workshops. At this stage the Bizkit methodology can be managed internally by the staff we have trained or, if you prefer, we can add extra workshops to roll the methodology out to all relevant staff.

To learn more about how Bizkit works, please take a look at the Bizkit brochure.   Alternatively, to see what the methodology can do for your business right now, please contact us

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Quask is an online survey tool. The fact that the surveys produced here are web-based makes this tool particularly efficient when an organisation needs to gather feedback from a number of people.

Quask has been specifically designed with an easy to use interface that offers cross browser support. This is vital to the success of the tool as it is far easier to achieve the desired survey results if participants experience no problems with the survey tool they are asked to use. This will ensure that you are given the maximum qualified response rate.

There are various ways to use Quask for your data collection purposes. Typical uses of the system include:

This tool is also capable of both tabulating and summarising responses to individual surveys. Not having to take on these tasks yourself will save time and increase productivity within your organisation.

To learn more about how Quask works and how easy it is to use, click here.

Alternatively, to see what the methodology can do for your business right now, please contact us

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Articulate is an online tool that produces web-based quizzes, assessments, surveys and presentations. The system utilises innovative Flash technology that allows users to create and customise online documents without the need for programming experience.

This tool is particularly successful in helping supplement learning and training initiatives. You can use customisation options, images and Flash movies to make things look more interesting or to give specific secondary guidance or you can keep things simple.

Articulate also gives you 21 different question types to choose from – these include True/False, Fill In The Blank and Likert Scale questions. And, the system also provides collated results and feedback. 

Alternatively, to see what Articulate can do for your business right now, please contact us

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