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Business Process Design

Tethys Consulting offers a business process design solution that is specifically targeted at improving the way your business works.

As every successful business leader knows, an organisation that stands still goes nowhere. You may remain in the same sector, sell the same products and services and see no real change in your business operations year on year.  Your existing staff and new personnel may carry on doing what works effectively and efficiently but are they achieving optimum benefits? It’s true that this approach may see your business succeed in some ways – but it may actually also be holding you back in many others.

Change is Constant

Today’s corporate environment changes all of the time – in business today, change really is the only constant. New technologies shape new ways that you can do business, new competitors enter markets and old ones change the way they operate. So, your business success really does depend on your ability to improve and refine the way your business works. Fail to do this and you will be left behind.

Bizkit methodologyThe Tethys business process design solution is based on the Bizkit™ methodology. This is a proven and highly acclaimed concept that offers an holistic series of practical solutions. These solutions will identify areas where improvement is necessary, design a better way of doing things and help you make the necessary changes happen. To find out more about Bizkit™, please visit our Techniques and Technology page.

Our approach is based on a very simple concept – we use our skills to leverage the expertise of your personnel and then empower them to establish a robust plan that can implement the necessary business process design changes. We don’t tell you how to run your business – we simply help you use your own expertise to make it run better.

Our Approach

quoteOur service here typically begins with a training workshop. Here we will use a non-threatening case study to help your key personnel understand relevant business process design concepts.  They will then be facilitated to apply these concepts to identify any opportunities and/or problems that currently exist in the selected area of your business.

With Tethys you remain in control at all times. So, you can cherry-pick elements of our service to suit your internal strengths and weaknesses. In some cases, for example, we simply offer basic training in business process design, allowing you to get up to speed and then run your own project from that point. In others we can train and facilitate one or more workshops before you take over. And, of course, you can choose to have us manage all of the necessary training and workshops for you if that is simpler.

Creating Action

This workshop process enables you to go on to prepare Opportunity Reports to identify those areas of focus that will achieve the highest benefits and returns. This, in turn, will help your staff create specific improvement targets. At this point they will evaluate and benchmark current processes with an emphasis on the expectations and needs of your customers. Then we will help them define any changes that are needed and establish a new process to manage them.

Your personnel will now be ready to prepare a targeted and achievable implementation plan that will highlight both short-term ‘quick wins’ and longer term changes to be made. Now, with the relevant business process design skills in place, you will be able to implement the changes that will help foster your future success.

Key Organisational Dimensions

In our experience the great advantage of using Bizkit™ is that it bases its design models on three key dimensions within an organisation – People, Process and Technology. By utilising these key factors, the business process design recommendations you will be led to will be balanced, appropriate and achievable. And, most importantly, you will remain in complete control over the way your business process design strategies work and how they are implemented – we simply give your key personnel the skills and tactics to take your business forward.

To find out more about how Tethys Consulting can help you develop successful business process design techniques, please contact us.


“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”

Peter Drucker


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