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Software Evaluation

Tethys Consulting offers a range of software evaluation solutions – all of which are specifically targeted at making sure that your business implements the right enterprise software, at the right time and at the right cost.

Enterprise Systems are Critical

Nowadays no business can operate successfully without core software systems in place. Today’s technology can improve revenues, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs – so, with the right software you’re in a ‘win-win’ situation that ensures that your business can make more money and save more money.

The problem is that achieving this goal isn’t always so simple. There are all kinds of enterprise software applications to choose that could help your business run smoothly and prosper. But, if you make the wrong choices here, then you could actually end up losing money.

Why Projects Fail

For many businesses, committing to new business applications software often fails simply because they don’t have the key skills in place to make the right decisions. In most cases, your business experts will identify a need for change that necessitates a new software evaluation - but they won’t necessarily understand the underlying technology options or know which vendor product to choose. Your technical experts can help you here but they – in turn – may not understand the business drivers behind the evaluation, or may not understand exactly how software evaluation works.

quoteIf you cannot find a bridge between the two factors here then the new software you implement may well fail. Your projects may not reach full potential and they may lose sponsorship within your organisation. The average organisation spends between 2-5% of their annual turnover on enterprise applications. This is a significant sum in itself which can see a serious increase when you also factor in the time that your key business and technical personnel could be wasting on a lost cause.

Our Approach

Tethys Consulting’s software evaluation services will give you the bridge you need to identify a solution that will fit your business processes and your functional requirements. We will also help you understand how to implement that solution and to make it work for your business. Our aim is to make sure that you source, evaluate and implement the enterprise software package that is right for you. With our help you can reduce risk, improve returns, ensure sponsorship of changes within your company and avoid wasting valuable staff time.

Why YOU Don't Need Evaluation Expertise

quoteThe fact is that few organisations actually need to have in-house software evaluation skills on a permanent basis. Most companies find that they evaluate software in a 7-10 year cycle so the need for these skills is not constant. By allowing Tethys Consulting to take on the mechanics of your evaluation you will ensure that your staff concentrate on their existing value added responsibilities rather than on learning skills that will bring you no business benefit for another 7-10 years. This will also save you on internal training and recruitment costs and will ensure that you do not overload already busy staff.

Our Methodology

Our software evaluation method takes a three-pronged approach. It provides a sound evaluation framework supported by documentation templates that will save time and offer efficient and accurate development of evaluation deliverables.  A “Request for Proposal” document, for example, can save a week or more.  A typical software evaluation engagement follows these phases:

It's Your Decision

In keeping with the core Tethys principles, our software evaluation methods have been specifically designed to empower your organisation to make the right decisions. We don’t choose software for you – we facilitate you through the process of making an informed decision to put in place a solution that will work for your business.

To find out more about our software evaluation services, please take a look at our Case Studies and Testimonials page. Alternatively, to find out how Tethys Consulting can help your business find the right application, please contact us.


“Guard against the prestige of great names; see that your judgements are your own; and do not shrink from disagreement; no trusting without testing.”

Lord Acton


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