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Workshop Facilitation

Tethys Consulting offers a workshop facilitation solution which is specifically targeted at delivering the results you need from the time you invest in getting your people together.

Leverage Your Greatest Resource

Nowadays, most businesses realise that their greatest asset is the people they employ. It doesn’t matter how great a business leader may be – if he or she doesn’t have the internal capabilities to do a given job then their organisation simply cannot prosper.

The fact is that your people are your greatest resource – they understand your business, they know how it works and they may even have great ideas and potential to take your organisation to another level. But, many organisations actually fail to maximise the potential for growth here by not using their staff to full effect.

Some organisations, for example, simply don’t ask their staff to try anything new. Some don’t give them an outlet through which they can assess ideas and implement them. Some don’t make sure that their staff have the capabilities and skills to take on new tasks and initiatives. On the other hand, many organisations do try to achieve this but fail because the strategies they use just don’t work.

Not MORE Meetings!

quoteThe typical way of managing these kinds of initiatives is to hold meetings. The aim here is great – get people together to discuss, plan or do something. But, a meeting is only as good as the person that runs it and the people that attend. This leaves you with the very real possibility that it just won’t work. You could, for example, find that dominant team members take over the discussion and that shyer members fail to contribute. You might find that the meeting goes on too long and that attendees switch off because they are bored or have more pressing tasks to complete. There are all kinds of reasons why this approach can fail – which is why we have developed a workshop facilitation process that works to meet both your internal and external meeting needs.

Improve Effectiveness

People learn more and achieve more from our workshops than they do from the average meeting. For a start they expect to be there for a given period of time and don’t switch off because they have other things to do as they do when meetings overrun.  The structures we put in place here also ensure that people are guided to learn, to participate and to gain and bring value to the whole process. We aim to work closely with you to make sure that every workshop is designed to meet your own business needs – but we also aim to make it engaging, innovative and fun to make sure it has the optimum effect.

quoteTo this end, we use a range of innovative and leading edge methodologies including Zing (a specially designed system designed to streamline and support group decision making processes) and Bizkit™ (a business process design methodology with a proven track record of facilitating successful and effective process mapping). To find out more about our methodologies, please visit our Techniques and Technology page.


The Value of Independence

And, the fact that we can help you run your workshops means that you have access to an experienced and independent meeting leader who can help ensure that the workshop runs smoothly, achieves its aims and then delivers its results. With Tethys as your workshop facilitator, you will empower your staff to learn/discover what you need them to know – then, and only then, will they be able to achieve and to deliver the results you need.

At Tethys we can develop and facilitate all kinds of workshops to meet all business needs. For example, we can help you plan and implement anything from a one-off training workshop through to a series of multiple workshops for complex projects such as software evaluation. Typical workshop projects include:

To find out how Tethys Consulting can use workshops to empower your staff and drive your business forward, please contact us.


“What we actually learn, from any given set of circumstances, determines whether we become increasingly powerless or more powerful.”

Blaine Lee


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