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Tethys Consulting offers a project management solution which is specifically targeted at helping you achieve your organisational goals and targets.

Running a successful business nowadays isn’t just about the products and services you sell and how you sell them. If you want to truly compete, you must also be willing to continually accept and implement change to make sure that your business stays ahead of the field.

Projects are Risky

To achieve this, your business will have to plan, manage and implement various kinds of projects at various times. These projects may be internal or external, they may be large or small and they may involve varying personnel, targets, aims, costs and financial benefits – the key factor that connects all of them is the damage that can be done to your business if you fail to manage them correctly or fail to make them happen.

quoteIn general terms the majority of projects taken on by any business will fail because of project management issues. It’s relatively simple to see the need to take on a project and to identify the returns it will bring you. But, there is little point identifying a project that will increase your revenue if you cannot successfully implement it – you’ll see no return on your investment, you’ll waste money trying to make it happen and you’ll lose money if it doesn’t happen. The fact is that failing to achieve a project goal could potentially lose you more than money.

The Impact of Failure

A failed project can have many adverse effects. Your business may fail to reach its market potential and may fall behind the competition. Your staff may become disillusioned and resistant to change – simply because they believe that it doesn’t work and never happens. You may find that a blame culture develops rather than one that is based on taking responsibility. And, you’ll waste your staff’s time – this is time that they could be spending on something more useful.

Tethys Consulting has all the technical, management and consulting experience necessary to help you achieve your project management goals. Project management is the single most critical factor for project success – with our help you can create a culture that achieves, improves efficiency and effectiveness, embraces change and increases financial benefits.

Empowering Your Project Managers

Our range of project management solutions has been specially designed to target common project management weaknesses. You may choose to use all of our services on specific projects or simply cherry-pick the ones that will give you the skills your business currently lacks. Our solutions include:

The benefits of using Tethys Consulting’s project management expertise are that we will work with you to achieve your goals in ways that suit you and your organisation. For example, you can utilise our in-depth expertise on a regular or ad hoc basis and you can have us train up your existing staff to give them the skills and capabilities to successfully run projects for you. In either case, you will make sure that your business can turn an idea into a project that delivers results.

To find out how Tethys Consulting can make your projects work, please contact us.

We are a licensed TenStep associate consultant and use and recommend the TenStep project methodologies. For more information about TenStep, please click on the link below.

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“To fail to plan is to plan to fail."”

Robert Wubbolding


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