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Tethys Consulting offers a business change management solution (also often called organisational change management) which is specifically targeted at helping you support the business changes associated with a systems implementation.

Change is a given in today’s corporate world. We may seek out changes ourselves to improve our operations or we may have to accept change as a by-product of other initiatives. In either case, the way you manage change can colour the success or failure of your organisation as a whole. Get change right and you will see real financial benefits. Get it wrong and your business could fail.

A Common Cause of Failure

Many businesses have problems here because they don’t realise that organisational change needs to be planned and executed throughout the whole organisation to work to maximum effect. It isn’t enough for senior management to dictate that change will happen – they also have to make sure that change does happen. And, they also have to promote the benefits to their staff and motivate and empower them to take action.

The fact is that many people fear change – even though they don’t realise it. They like to keep the status quo with job responsibilities and operational structure and, even if they actively want to see the business they work for grow, they don’t necessarily immediately adopt changes willingly. For this reason, it’s vital to make sure that they can see the benefits of change and that they believe that it will happen in the first place.

Business Change Associated with Software Implementation

This can be particularly difficult when it comes to the changes associated with implementing new software. These packages can have major effects on the structure, operations, focus and revenue of a business. But, the fact that a new software implementation can involve a complex mix of technology and business drivers can make it hard to effect successful change. You may simply not have experienced personnel in place that can understand the whole business/technology mix and how to manage its implementation.

Tethys Consulting can help you ensure that you are given all the support you need to manage this kind of change. We have the technology experience and expertise reinforced by solid business consultancy skills to make sure that this specialist area is an opportunity to be won for your business – not a failure that costs you money and disillusions your personnel.

Our methodology has been designed to help you manage the business change management drivers associated with software implementation every step of the way. We can work with you through the whole process or simply offer you expertise in specific areas to fill gaps within your own knowledge base.  

Start with a Change Plan

One of the hardest tasks with a business change management initiative is designing the change plan. Our services can help design a viable plan – you can then take control of the plan and implement it yourself if you have relevant in-house expertise. Alternatively, we can coach key personnel on plan delivery strategies or take things one step further and project manage your entire delivery. Other typical elements used within our methodology include:

One of the key advantages to our methodology is that you can decide which of our skills you need and take them on board accordingly. This can potentially save you a lot of money as you will only be paying to hire specific skills for specific tasks.

And, if you work with Tethys for the entire business change management project you will avoid issues with time management and staff overloads. Change may be a constant in your business but the evaluation of this change is not necessarily constant. For example, many organisations find that they have to undertake business change management driven by major software implementation every 7-10 years – so there is little value in developing in-house skills that will be used so infrequently and that may overload already busy staff.

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"Change is the process by which the future invades our lives."


Alvin Toffler


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