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At Tethys Consulting we pride ourselves on working in partnership with our customers. Our aim is to help your business achieve and exceed its potential by making sure that you have access to effective and efficient business consultancy services.

We don’t come into your organisation and try to tell you what to do and when to do it. We come in to advise and consult, helping you to solve problems, grasp opportunities and make things happen. If you would like to see some practical examples of how we operate then please take a look at the following list of case studies by simply clicking to open.

We know that it’s very easy for us to tell you that we think you should choose our services above all others because we’re simply better at what we do. We really do believe this but appreciate that you don’t necessarily know us all that well yet. So, here, we’re going to let others do it for us. Please read on and see what some of the customers who’ve already tried our services really think.....

Quentin Reid, former General Manager, Stramit Building Products

"We engaged Tethys Consulting to facilitate and project manage our software evaluation because we wanted an objective, well-supported recommendation that had broad support from all stakeholders. Our people know our business intimately and have some great ideas about how things could be made better. They are experts in our business, not in software evaluation. By using the Software Evaluation Method provided by Tethys Consulting, their focus was on the business requirements and how well each vendor satisfied those.

Tethys provided templates that made the documentation faster to complete and checklists to make sure that we'd covered all the bases.  Our team were provided with things that made it easy for them, like questions and discussion items for a reference site visit. This meant that all of our key resources were contributing, rather than one of more of them having to work out what to do, how to do it and then managing the mechanics of the project.

The bottom line for us was a robust evaluation, a motivated implementation team and the groundwork for a successful implementation.  Given the risks associated with major systems implementations, we see this as our insurance policy for success. I strongly recommend Tethys Consulting and the Software Evaluation method to companies looking to evaluated enterprise software."

Nick Granville, Director, Bisley & Co

"I am writing to express my satisfaction with the efforts and performance of Tethys Consulting in guiding us through Bisley's recently concluded ERP software vendor evaluation. Tethys' rigorous approach and professional insight contributed significantly to the success of this aspect of our Business Process Enhancement Project. As a result, Bisley is able to proceed with a high level of confidence that the selected software will, in practice, deliver the expected benefits.

Importantly, Bisley's Core Team established as part of the Tethys vendor selection process have, as a result of this "training", acquired significant expertise and understanding of the software offerings. Thus they are well-briefed to assist management in:

a) promoting the cause of the project throughout the company, and

b) the software implementation process itself.

We consider these aspects are likely to have a lasting, positive impact on all subsequent phases of the project."

Eamon Canavan, former Chief Information Officer, OrotonGroup

“OrotonGroup had previously selected enterprise software based on our perception of the vendor’s ability to support best practice processes in the fashion industry, in particular the retail and wholesale market.  This proved to be an unsatisfactory result and negatively impacted our business operations.  Second time around, we understood that we needed to clearly understand what our business process requirements were, to enable us to make an appropriate software selection.  We used Tethys Consulting to help us design our “to be” business processes.  People from across our various businesses were involved in the workshops.  This meant that they contributed and had ownership of the end result.

We then proceeded to select enterprise software.  We used the business processes as a basis for the vendor demonstrations and this clearly differentiated between vendors – this showed how well they understood our requirements, and how well their solutions supported our business processes.  Because the process design we did was at an appropriate level, the stated best practice offering of the vendors could be clearly demonstrated and compared.

We strongly believe that this approach gave us a coherent, robust means to evaluate vendors and then to manage our implementation.  The “to be” processes will be used for acceptance test scenarios and as the basis of our job instructions.  The Tethys Consulting approach worked for us and we consider it a best practice approach to evaluation.”

Andrew Smith, former Chief Financial Officer, Brazin

“Prior to evaluating enterprise software vendors, we felt it was essential to define and design our core business processes.  This will provide us a means to compare how well vendors meet our business process requirements.  We engaged Tethys Consulting to facilitate our business process design sessions.  These sessions involved representatives from across our business and are supported at Board level.  The workshops were effective and efficiently captured our requirements against which we can now proceed to vendor evaluation.  The output delivered process designs that were useable yet not proscriptive in terms of a specific software solution. The methodology employed by Tethys Consulting was clear and simple, our people readily accepted the methodology and willingly participated.  They quickly saw the value of the sessions, not only for the software evaluation, but also for immediate value in improving and standardising their current work practices.  I have no hesitation in recommending Tethys Consulting for similar projects.”

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"Customers pay only for what is of use to them and gives them value. Nothing else constitutes quality."


Peter Drucker



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