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Tethys Consulting offers a Conference Presentation solution which is specifically targeted at helping your business educate and inform both internally and externally.

Any successful organisation nowadays is only as good as the staff it employs. Recruiting and developing talent isn’t just about identifying the talent in the first place – it’s also all about making sure that you work continually to empower your personnel to work to their optimum capabilities.

Nowadays we have many things that we need to keep our staff up to date with. We may need to develop new sales techniques, we may need to teach them about internal and external processes or we may need to educate them to take on new tasks and to manage change. We may also need to find ways of educating external stakeholders such as suppliers, vendors, shareholders and customers. There are many ways to get your point across here.

quoteYou can, for example, offer your staff internal training courses or you can send them out for external training. You can produce information-rich Intranet sites or brochures designed to inform and educate. But, one of the most popular and most efficient ways of disseminating information and training is to use conference presentations.

An increasing number of businesses are choosing to use part or all of their conferences for educational and/or training purposes. This is a great way to make use of time – a presentation can simply be slotted into a conference schedule to suit you. And, the slightly more formal feel that these events have can give your presentations greater impact and gravitas.

Tethys Consulting has developed a Conference Presentation service that enables you to make sure that you get your message across. Led by industry experts our presentations can be specifically tailored to your business needs and can be targeted at small or large audiences.

With in-depth expertise, our presentations can cover all kinds of business and consulting issues. Our core services cover:

Project Management Presentations

Tethys Consulting brings a new perspective to help you develop and make energised presentations within the IT/project management fields. Our approach is targeted at making technology and project management interesting and accessible – whether our presentations are geared to experienced or non-experienced personnel. To do this we have a range of strategies including panel discussions and practical case studies which ensure that our presentations achieve optimum effect.

Our experience covers all kind of areas from general technology orientated conferences through to specific project and related business needs. These can be used for information and/or training purposes both internally and externally. We also work with technology vendors for sales kick off purposes to give them an alternative perspective ‘from the other side’ before product launch.

Examples of Tethys presentations include:

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“Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell-Holmes


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